Friday, August 28, 2015

Smallest at the Parade

She was
my allest
eating a
chocolate bar
and seated
bottom on the curb
feet in the dust
and just
when I called
the wrapper.

Indulgent Moaning of a Wobegone Woman

There is a definite absence here, 
and it is odd when I try to think about it logically because when  you were last here you were often out with your friends and even took to sleeping in the basement rather than your room to watch late night TV. 

It shouldn’t seem so odd, but it does because your very existence and your entire life reside in another zip code, and they are forever removed from my immediate, grasp, control, but most poignantly, responsibility. 

I can only think of your baby’s face and your feet before they reached the edge of the couch. 
I can only see you singing with Barney about the Noble Duke of York and playing Robin Hood while you ran around wielding your red drumstick because I wouldn’t buy you any toy weapons.
 I miss your presence here because now you have become a man. 
And even though I love that man…I am proud of that man, and he will always be my son, 
he will never be my baby 

Friday, November 22, 2013


Tip of the tongue
Explode in
Chewed bits
Airy, fresh
Cold stares
Too much
Lips covered
Sugar on
Residue on lips
One more
Chewed bits
Fill up cheeks
Flat taste
Dead tongue
straight to the hips

Friday, November 8, 2013


Been so long
since I
held you

in my heart
and squeezed
a thought
that mattered
teased a wish
that might
my soul

been so long
since I
felt you

in my hand
and used
a song
that I heard
fused a dream
with the
in my brain

been so long
since I
knew you

in my mind
and pulled
out the truth
to be
lulled by faith
to the
of my days

Been so long
until today.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Little Friend

Her voice wavered as she
cried out to me.
It grabbed me and
 led me across
the smoky threshold.
Pulling my shirt over my
mouth I inched my
way toward her cries.
It was too dark to see
and the wood cracked and hissed .
Relief washed over me as I
reached a room with a
pink sticker on the door
And heard a faint
She sat beneath
The desk and I knelt
and easily lifted
her tiny form.
The way out was hot
And I could feel sweat dripping
As I walked through
And back out
Into a day filled
With sunshine
I passed her to
The paramedics
And drank
And drank
And turned to see
As the roof collapsed.

Today they said my name
and the mother she
stepped forward to hug
As they presented me with
A plaque of honor
“You’re a hero.”
They said in quiet awe.
But I
Can only sit on this stool and
Stare at this drink
And remember her cry
I am no hero
A hero saves a life
And  my little friend,she
died anyway.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Swimming toward Forever

In one white hot
of deciding on forever
the real journey would begin
and your lips would
draw me
and keep me
coming back
to taste more dreams
and hear
more truth
I knew existed

In one white hot
of affirmation
without hesitation
I would jump

Both feet now
wet with
I walk through
the shallows
ready to swim
when it gets

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stepping Out

I wear this invisibility cloak
Nearly everywhere I go.
And though I don’t remember
Choosing it
Or creating it,
There is no question that
It is mine and defines
my style.

Adrift in a sea of irrelevance,
I tried to find
matching shoes
the sparkle of sequence
on my heels
 could not be  
beneath the folds of
my cloak.

So, though I stood
in the corner
when you
walked by
thought certainly
I’d remain as always, unseen,
you stopped
and looked down
long enough to hear
my whisper.

“See me.”
I begged.
And you smiled
and reached out your
hand to me.
So, I stepped from the corner
and let my cloak
fall away.